Slate is a natural piece of rock so variations in colour and texture are completely normal. Like porcelain, your slate is very strong and thin, but can break or chip if dropped or hit. We suggest hand-washing but most Slate plates are dishwasher safe.

We endeavor to package our items with as much bubble wrap as possible but due to the manufacture process do expect to find slate chips in the box.

Once received please wash(high setting dishwasher) and oil your slate plates using a good quality olive oil once this is done affix your foam feet to help protect your table

Slate Plates are not microwave safe. If you scratch your slate or your finish dulls, simply rub a thin layer of olive oil on it like you would a wooden cutting board to restore its lustre.

Slate Cheese Boards

Slate is well known for its use as a cheese board, but there are many other great uses for this unique natural stone. The reason that slate is widely used for cheese boards is three-fold. First, and most notable, is that the dark colour of the natural stone brightens your cheeses and other foods making your dishes or offerings more vibrant and attractive. This is why slate is used in many fine restaurants as a serving plate. Secondly, despite being so thin, slate is very strong and is also food safe which together make it the perfect natural plate. We suggest you seal your slate with olive oil to maintain its deep lustre and this also keeps anything from sticking to it making clean up a breeze. Lastly, slate works great as a chalk board so it takes an ordinary serving dish and makes it different and fun.

Food Service
There are a number of restaurants that use slate plates for serving their customer’s meals, desserts, and side dishes. They are especially nice for serving colourful dishes like sushi because they bring out the food’s brilliant colours and can keep it chilled at the same time. slate plates are food safe, so you can use them to serve just about anything. Pretty much the only thing you can’t use them for is dishes with thin sauces since the slate plates are almost completely flat.

Warm plate

Slate is very, very old- in fact, most slate is densely compacted volcanic ash! It is fireproof from creation and certain pieces can handle hot temperatures. Because of this, your smaller slate pieces may work great as a trivet (we recommend on sizes 8×8 and smaller). Be aware, although your slate can handle heat, it is equally an amazing conductor of that heat – so therefore the slate itself will become hot and stay hot for a long time so be careful if using it in this application! That said, this makes your Slate a great Warm plate to keep food warm on the table. Do not put your slate in the microwave.

Cold plate

Just like its ability to handle intense heat, your Slate plate can handle intense cold as well. If placed in the refrigerator your slate will stay cool for quite a while, if placed in the freezer your slate will stay cold for a much longer time. This allows you to effectively serve desserts and other cold items on your slate that you might not otherwise be able to, such as pies, cakes, and tortes. Just keep in mind if you are serving something that will melt, much like an ice cream cone, you’ll want to eat it before it melts too much!

Bath and Decor

Slate plates aren’t just for food! They also make great decoration and utility pieces. Many of our customers like to use them for candles because if the wax spills over it just feels right off, plus it provides a fireproof base in case they were to fall over. Others like to put flower arrangements on them using the black as a stark contrast giving those natural colours a real ‘wow’ factor. slate plates are completely waterproof and make great easy-to-clean soap dishes for use in or out of the shower!